How This Website Works

Are you a new artist, or are you just searching for the newest music on the planet? You have found the right place. allows artists to contractually upload music to our website free of charge. Once you are registered, visit "Control Panel" to do all the cool stuff this site offers.

My Hit Record depends on our Artists to maintain the integrity of the site. Contact Admin with requests. Please be patient while your request is in the que. (Thanks!)

Uploads will be streamed by the general public, and rated based on “streams” and a numerical rating. Once the music has been streamed 20 times and the rating looks good, we will advance your music to “Star Level Status” .

Star level Artist:
Star level music sells for 33 cents each. pays the artist 15 cents per purchase. Every purchase is counted. Once the music achieves 1,000 buys, the artist advances to “Super Star" Status

Super Star level Artist:
Looks like you have a song that could be a hit! Super Star level music sells for 99 cents each. pays the artist 70 cents per purchased song from our site.

Do you think you already have what it takes to be a “Super Star Artist?” Is your music already professional quality? Contact us with your compelling reasons. We will listen to your upload, and we may just fast track your music to Super Star.